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    Rival Cheer Academy operates on the basic principle that success comes from hard work. The biggest misconception regarding competitive cheerleading is that it’s easy. Cheerleading is one of the most physically demanding sports, serious risk is involved and blood, sweat and tears are all an inevitable part of the sport. On the other hand, the “team” aspect of cheerleading makes it one of the most rewarding sports out there.

    RCA is more than an extracurricular activity. Anyone interested in being a part of the RCA family should know this before committing. Athletes will spend many hours in the gym and be subjected to an intense level of coaching. The physical, mental and emotional demands placed on RCA athletes are not for the faint of heart. Be prepared to become THE BEST OF THE BEST.

    It’s never too late to become a Rival Cheerleader! Call to schedule a private try-out or to request more information.

    Visit Rival’s website at rivalcheer.com

    Taylor Mondick Rival Cheer Academy Owner

    Taylor started out as a gymnast at an early age. He continued on to become an elite gymnast until the age of 12. Taylor began his competitive cheerleading career at the age of 14. He cheered for Cheer Athletics in Dallas, Texas for several years and even won the 2006 World Cheerleading Championships in Orlando, Florida. Taylor has competed at Worlds a total of 6 times and has placed in the top 5 every time.

    Taylor went on to cheer at Hawaii Pacific University in Honolulu, Hawaii on a full cheerleading scholarship. He has coached and choreographed for many national and international cheerleading squads. From Stephen F. Austin State University, to Grand Valley State in Michigan and even StarMites in Perth, Western Australia, Taylor brings an experienced and creative approach to All-Star Cheerleading.

    Rival Cheer Academy was founded by Taylor in 2013. RCA’s mission is to provide the very best all-star experience possible, thus building confidence and character in every athlete.


    Are you interested in improving your cheerleading skills?

    Have you never cheered but would like to give it a try?

    This clinic is offered to students in Kindergarten and up, and it will cover the basic skills of cheerleading including motion technique, jumps, dance, stunts and gymnastics.  Included will also be a parent orientation to cheerleading and the clinic will conclude with a demonstration by participants. Parents and friends are invited to attend.

    Upcoming Clinics:

    Please call for availability.

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