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For the latest updated information on our opening, please see the following:

Opening Protocols – Mansfield

Opening Protocols – Kennedale

Dear Spirals Families,

We hope all our gym families and students are staying safe and remaining optimistic. We very much look forward to reconnecting with everyone and we are hopeful that we will all emerge from this ready to flip and cartwheel once again!

Spirals will re-open on Monday, June 1st.. Due to the impacts of COVID-19 we recognize that there are many new procedures required to conform to social distancing requirements and the need to maintain high cleanliness standards. We would like to share some of what we will be doing to reach our goal of reopening in a way that prioritizes the health and safety of us all.

• With the exception of pre-school classes, for which one parent (and no siblings) will be allowed, only students/campers and staff will be allowed to enter the building. Parents should wear masks and practice social distancing from each other. Students are not required to wear masks but are welcome to do so.

• The time between classes will be extended to allow for cleaning of mats and other surfaces.

• We believe that reliably preserving social distancing with excited young children in the same group during physical activity will be impossible. For this reason birthday parties and Friday Night Fun will not be held until further notice. However, what we can do is keep classes/groups/adults apart from each other. We will therefore require each class to leave the facility before the next one enters and we will also operate using different entry and exit doors at each location. Our coaches will coach from a safe distance. There will be no hands-on spotting.

• On arrival at our facility, we will be using a remote sensing thermometer and no one with an elevated body temperature (100°F, 37.8°C) or who is with a person with an elevated body temperature will be allowed to enter. Make up classes may be scheduled once the temperature is normal again.

• We will disinfect all surfaces before each class, including door knobs, restrooms, door glass and other surfaces easily touched. Students will be reminded not to touch their faces before they have sanitized their hands. Hand sanitizer will be available at each entry and exit point. We advise children and parents to wash hands and feet thoroughly when you get home.

• The communal drinking fountains will be closed. The pit in Kennedale also will be closed.

• Summer camp will be restricted to 50% occupancy. This means there will be only 48 spaces each week in 6 groups of 8 children. In line with the CDC guidance, we do not believe practicing social distancing inside a group is possible let alone desirable. However, we will separate each group from all the other groups. This means that your child will be with the same counselors and small group all week. Camp stations will be sanitized at each activity rotation.

• Our insurance requires that we secure specific COVID-19 waivers from each family. Please note that you will need to login to your account in order to sign these waivers before attending.

We are very much looking forward to welcoming you back to Spirals and hope to preserve a happy and safe environment for all our families.

Simon & Jima King

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