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Ed-venture Kids Camp is available at the Mansfield location ONLY.
Ed-venture Kids Camp will be held from 8:45am – 11:45am.

Age Requirement: Campers must be 3 – 5 years old (must be completely potty trained).

    Why is Physical Education Important to the Preschool Child?

    “Play is the foundation for children’s healthy development.”

    At Ed-Venture Kids Camp our goal is to address the physical education needs of the preschool age child. Studies have shown that children with a structured P.E. and interactive play time are more prepared mentally and physically. Gymnastics and other physical games and activities help promote motor skill development while our interactive group activities re-enforce social skills.

    When children participate in a variety of movements, they have a foundation of motor skills that they can build and refine throughout their school years. Children who have not developed their physical skills tend to become adults who don’t participate regularly in physical activities. Without regular activity, children may not be active enough to maintain healthy hearts, lungs and muscles.

    “Individuals responsible for the well-being of toddlers and preschoolers should be aware of the importance of physical activity and facilitate the child’s movement skills.” National Association for Sports and Physical Education.

    During the preschool years, children should be encouraged to practice movement skills in a variety of activities and settings. Instruction and positive reinforcement is critical during this time in order to ensure that children develop most of these skills before entering school.

    The *THEME is different each week and is the basis for the arts and crafts and the weekly awards ceremony.

    The +FOCUS is the key skill group for the campers that week and will appear on the activity schedule more frequently than the other goals. However, all the skill groups will be a part of each week, including horseback riding.

    Fee Amount
    1Walk-in rates are applied to campers who register the day of camp without prior notice. 
    2Siblings receive 1/2 price discount off of camp care fees.
    Registration Fee $10.00 per camper
    Daily Rate $27.00 per day (no sibling discount)
    One Week of Camp $95.00
    $90.00 additional family members
    Walk-in Rate1 $32.00 per day (no sibling discount) $101.00 per week (no sibling discount)




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