Spirals Teams

Competitive Gymnastics at Spirals

Developmental Team Program (pre-team)

To gymnasts who are ready for more time in the gym: begin here! This is the first step in our team program. Gymnasts will increase their time, and build on their skills as they prepare for a competitive atmosphere. When your child is ready, you will be invited to join this group from the recreational class you are currently enrolled in with us. If you have had gymnastic training prior to joining Spirals, you may schedule a trial class to see if this is the right level for your child. Weekly practice is 2 hours per week.


Texas Amateur Athletic Federation (TAAF)

TAAF gives gymnasts the opportunity to venture into the competitive world of gymnastics. Gymnasts compete against other gymnasts with similar skill level while building their skills and continuing to develop as gymnasts. Spirals competes in the EXCEL program, which gives competitors the advantage of working for a variety of different skills. The competition season is January - May.

  • Bronze Team - (level 1) - 2 1/2 hours per week.
  • Silver and Gold Team - (level 2) - 5 - 7 hours per week.
Tryouts for our teams are held each year in May.  
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