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If anyone is still looking for a summer camp, spirals gymnastics has SO MUCH FUN!

They have preschool camp, that’s 8:45-11:45, where they play, have some gym time, ride horses, and do activities related to the theme of the week (last week was kids in the kitchen, so they made snacks and stuff)… I’ll add pics in comments!

For the older grade school aged kids, they do SO MUCH FUN STUFF! They have gym time and play games— my daughter said they did Simon says on a balance beam, played tag, rock climbing walls and other fun things… they also rode horses a few days, and swam! They do a swim test to determine if kids can go into the deep end, otherwise they stay in the shallow end. They do science and other learning activities too. On Fridays they have optional pizza for $5 and take it easy with a movie in the morning. For the older-too-cool-for-camp-but-not-old-enough-for-being-home-alone-all-day, they have Counselor in Training programs so these kids are helpers in different areas, get to have fun and yet are given a different role. Maybe of them end up getting jobs as counselors there when they’re old enough.

There is a registration fee of $20 per camper, i think, and the rates are really reasonable! $109 for the little kids and I think $165 for the elementary kids.

I am NOT employed by spirals, or asked to give a testimonial… I am a mama who has had all her kiddos there for preschool and is begged by my kids to go back for summer camp. I am continually impressed with the level of fun and activities they have there, and thought I would share!