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    Balance, coordination, physical fitness, and total muscle control outline the primary purpose of the sport of gymnastics. The Spirals gymnastics educational system strives to offer programs that meet this purpose. The self-confidence, discipline, and poise gained through gymnastics training is as valuable as the skills learned.

    Learning the beam in gymnastics class at Spirals.

    Developmental gymnastics and tumbling is offered for all ages. Correct form and technique are enforced in a structured class atmosphere. Our four level building block system allows each student to learn at their own pace. Our student-to-teacher ratio is 8:1 for school-age classes and 6:1 for preschool-age classes. Written evaluations are given periodically and awards are given upon completion of each level.

    Benefits of Gymnastics at Spirals

    • Fun and enjoyable
    • Develops strength and flexibility
    • Delvelops coordination
    • Teaches listening skills
    • Students gain self-esteem and confidence
    • Provides social interaction with peers
    • Teaches goal setting
    • Develops cognitive abilities to help in the classroom
    • Develops skills to enhance other sports

    Children of all ages can reap the benefits of gymnastics. Enroll now so they can experience all the benefits gymnastics has to offer. The best part of gymnastics is that your child will have so much fun, they won’t even realize how much they are learning in the process!

    A pre-school gymnastics student demonstrates his beam skills.Our curriculum teaches skills progressively to meet the needs of each individual child. Children from 22 months to five years of age are instructed using circuit training. Each class is designed around a specific gymnastics event incorporating climbing and loco-motor challenges as well as level appropriate gymnastics skills.


    The Olympic gymnastic events include balance beam, tumbling, uneven bars and vaulting. Trampoline skills are also an important part of the class curriculum. This class format allows for continuous movement by the student during class time as well as giving the teacher the flexibility to work with each child individually. We also believe parent involvement is essential in helping toddlers in the progression of their physical development, so we encourage your participation — and it’s required for Wee Cat Classes.

    Our building block system allows each preschooler to advance at their own pace. Here are the 4 different levels offered in the preschool program:

    Parent participation REQUIRED

    Wee Cat is a Parent/Child class designed to introduce children to gymnastics. With a Parent by their side to guide them, students will learn basic body positions and introductory skills on four Olympic events as well as activities to improve their gross and fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, strength, and flexibility.

    Introduction to Gymnastics

    The Tabby level is a beginning class to introduce children to gymnastics. The core building block skills are taught on the Vault, Uneven Bars, Balance Beam, Floor and Trampoline. Class structure also promotes learning to follow directions, sharing, and taking turn with others.

    Sample of Essential Skills

    • Vault approach
    • Squat to knees
    • Skin the cat
    • Possum hang
    • Forward/backward beam walks
    • Forward roll
    • Walk to handstand
    • Panel cartwheel

    Beginning Gymnastics

    Calico is a beginner class. Students will learn the basic gymnastics skills needed for future progression. Skills on Vault, Uneven Bars, Balance Beam, Floor and Trampoline are set up in a circuit format providing for participation by all students at the same time. The Calico level concentrates on perfecting the introductory skills learned at the Tabby Cat level.

    Sample of Essential Skills

    • Squat to feet
    • Donkey kicks
    • Front support
    • Chin hold
    • Tuck swing step touch
    • Bunny hops
    • Cartwheel
    • Bridge
    • Back roll/incline matt

    Intermediate Gymnastics

    At the Top Cat level, intermediate skills are introduced on all Olympic events, in a circuit format, which means little waiting time. With increased emphasis on form and techniques, students learn attention to detail and correct execution. Strength and flexibility are also included and important to learning more advanced skills.

    Sample of Essential Skills

    • Run, hurdle, squat to feet
    • Cast
    • Glide swing
    • Pullover
    • Back relevé on beam
    • Walk on beam
    • Grapevine on beam
    • Vertical cartwheel
    • Straddle roll
    • Back roll
    School-age classes are available to students ages Kindergarten and up.
    Girls Classes will work on all of the Olympic Events (Vault, Bars, Beam, Floor) as well as Trampoline, and strength/conditioning exercises. Lesson plans are skill based with evaluations done periodically and awards given at the completion of each level. Student to Teacher Ratio is 8 to 1.
    Boys Classes will work on all of the Olympic Events (Rings, Parallel Bars, Vault, Floor, Pommel Horse, High Bar) as well as Trampoline and strength/conditioning exercises. Lesson plans are skill based with evaluations done periodically and awards given at the completion of each level. Student to Teacher Ratio is 8 to 1.
    Please check your location’s schedule for availability.
    Tumbling classes are available to students ages Kindergarten and up.
    Tumbling Classes will work on Tumbling skills using the Floor, Tumble Track and Trampoline. Lesson plans are based on skill level and are designed to help students progress from basic to advanced skills. Student to Teacher Ratio is 8 to 1.
    Please check your location’s schedule for availability.

    Our educational gymnastics program not only offers the highest quality in gymnastics training but also reaches further to help our students to gain self-importance and a sense of pride in their accomplishments. Health and fitness are the primary goals of our staff matched by their endeavor to offer a fun and exciting program for our students.

    Our classes are scheduled and priced in 7 week terms to allow us to work around the scheduled holidays listed below.

    Term Dates Early Disc. Date1 Holidays
    1Available on full term payment only.
    2Holidays are not included in the 7 weeks of scheduled classes.
    3Summer flexible term. Click the Summer Gymnastics tab above for details.
    1 Sep 6–Oct 21 Aug 26 None
    2 Oct 24–Dec 16 Oct 14 Oct 31
    Nov 22–292
    3 Jan 2–Feb 17 Dec 19 – Jan 12
    4 Feb 20–Apr 7 Feb 10 None
    (open for spring break)
    5 Apr 10–May 26 May 292
    6 Jun 5–Aug 183 Summer Flex3 July 4

    Membership Fees*

    • Individual (One member of the immediate family) $35
    • Family (All members of the immediate family) $45

    Tuition (all classes are 50 minutes)*

    • FULL TERM (7 weeks)
    Two classes/week total:
    $184 for the first student plus $166 for the second student
    One class/week total:
    $125 for the first student plus $113 for the second student
    • SPLIT TERM* (3 weeks)
    Two classes/week total:
    $92 for the first student plus $83 for the second student

    *Split Term refers to payment of tuition. This option is for students enrolled in two classes per week. Tuition for the 7 week Term is split into two payments of $92.00.

    *Membership fees are effective for one calendar year from your date of enrollment. Membership fees are not considered a tuition fee and are non-refundable.

    Our summer schedule allows you to pick the number of weeks you want to attend and only pay for those weeks. In order to take advantage of the flexi-schedule you must choose which weeks you would like to attend and schedule those weeks with us. This allow our students to work around vacation and summer activities. Enrollment for our school term begins in July for the upcoming school year.


    There is a 3 week minimum enrollment on the summer flexi-schedule plan. Summer tuition includes 1 class per week, and tuition rates are as follows:

    • $54 for 3 weeks (minimum enrollment) for first student (10% discount for 2nd student).
    • Plus $18 for each additional week for first student, up to 10 weeks (10% discount for 2nd student).
    • 11th week free when you enroll in 10 weeks.
    • Half-price for second class per week (for example: $81 for 3 weeks, 2 classes/week for the 1st student).

    Make up classes are available for holidays and illness. Important: Call before all make-up classes to reserve your time.

    Guarantee/Policies/Other Fees

    We at Spirals Gymnastics, Inc. feel we offer the very finest Preschool, Tumbling and Gymnastics programs in our area. However, we know that we may not always offer exactly what every child needs at all stages of their development. That is why we are willing to accept 100% of your tuition risk.

    If after your child’s first month of classes you feel that Spirals does not offer the finest programs of their kind, just contact our office for a full refund of your tuition. No questions asked.

    Your volunteer comments and suggestions would, of course, be appreciated.


    Although it is preferable to attend your regularly scheduled class, we do allow 2 make-ups per term. The nature of our classes makes it essential to schedule all make-ups in advance and within the month following the missed class.

    Termination Policies

    In order to remain on the student class roll and enrolled in the program, tuition must be paid in accordance to the payment schedule dates on this schedule. When withdrawing from the program it is necessary to inform us in writing two weeks prior to your withdrawal date. A withdrawal form may be obtained in the front office. If the proper withdrawal procedures have not been followed tuition will be due for the entire term and registration fees will not remain current upon withdrawal.

    Returned Check Fee

    A $25.00 check fee will apply to all returned checks.

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