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A pre-school gymnastics student demonstrates his beam skills.Our curriculum teaches skills progressively to meet the needs of each individual child. Children from 22 months to five years of age are instructed using circuit training. Each class is designed around a specific gymnastics event incorporating climbing and loco-motor challenges as well as level appropriate gymnastics skills.


The Olymic gymnastic events include balance beam, tumbling, uneven bars and vaulting. Trampoline skills are also an important part of the class curriculum. This class format allows for continuous movement by the student during class time as well as giving the teacher the flexibility to work with each child individually. We also believe parent involvement is essential in helping toddlers in the progression of their physical development, so we encourage your participation — and it’s required for Bitty Kitty Classes.

Our building block system allows each preschooler to advance at their own pace. Here are the 4 different levels offered in the preschool program:

    Parent participation REQUIRED

    Bitty Kitty is a Parent/Child class designed to introduce children to gymnastics. With a Parent by their side to guide them, students will learn basic body positions and introductory skills on four Olympic events as well as activities to improve their gross and fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, strength, and flexibility.

    Introduction to Gymnastics

    The Tabby level is a beginning class to introduce children to gymnastics. The core building block skills are taught on the Vault, Uneven Bars, Balance Beam, Floor and Trampoline. Class structure also promotes learning to follow directions, sharing, and taking turn with others.

    Sample of Essential Skills

    • Vault approach
    • Squat to knees
    • Skin the cat
    • Possum hang
    • Forward/backward beam walks
    • Forward roll
    • Walk to handstand
    • Panel cartwheel

    Beginning Gymnastics

    Calico is a beginner class. Students will learn the basic gymnastics skills needed for future progression. Skills on Vault, Uneven Bars, Balance Beam, Floor and Trampoline are set up in a circuit format providing for participation by all students at the same time. The Calico level concentrates on perfecting the introductory skills learned at the Tabby Cat level.

    Sample of Essential Skills

    • Squat to feet
    • Donkey kicks
    • Front support
    • Chin hold
    • Tuck swing step touch
    • Bunny hops
    • Cartwheel
    • Bridge
    • Back roll/incline matt

    Intermediate Gymnastics

    At the Top Cat level, intermediate skills are introduced on all Olympic events, in a circuit format, which means little waiting time. With increased emphasis on form and techniques, students learn attention to detail and correct execution. Strength and flexibility are also included and important to learning more advanced skills.

    Sample of Essential Skills

    • Run, hurdle, squat to feet
    • Cast
    • Glide swing
    • Pullover
    • Back relevé on beam
    • Walk on beam
    • Grapevine on beam
    • Vertical cartwheel
    • Straddle roll
    • Back roll
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