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We are working on a June 1st re-opening at both of our locations. We will be holding camp and swimming classes in Mansfield and other classes at both locations.

The class and camp numbers will be reduced in order to implement COVID-19 precautions.

The swim class schedule is currently unaffected from what it was before. Swim classes were due to start on June 1st and we anticipate that they will still do so.

When you log on to either location through your parent portal you will see generic “classes” beginning June 1st for “Gymnastics”, “Pre-School Gymnastics”, “Cheerleading”, “Ninja” and “Tumbling”. In effect these are interest lists from which we will put together a class schedule in late May. These classes will be limited in number and places and scheduling preference will be given first to
– those who are continuing to pay tuition
– those who have reserved a spot at reduced cost
– anyone else

Team parents will be contacted by your coaches directly.

Currently we expect that camp will operate at Mansfield only. There is a camp signup for Kennedale but, subject to numbers, this entire camp may be moved to our Mansfield location. Even though camp sells out for several of the weeks each year, with our capacity being 96, we are restricting numbers to 48 campers each week to aid social distancing and cleaning. Spaces for CIT’s are also limited.

In the event that (any particular week of) camp does not happen, you will be offered an account credit or full refund including the (otherwise non-refundable) deposit.

Thank you for your patience and continued loyalty, and Stay Safe!

Simon & Jima
Spirals Gymnastics and Spirals Gym & Cheer.

Spirals COVID-19 protocols and precautions.

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